Kelly gets screwed while sleeping

October 21st, 2009

It’s a dizzy night for Kelly who got too drunk at the party. She fell asleep at the couch and she had fallen into a deep sleep. Her friends already left the home, but not for one. This horny dude came back in, and went after her. Knowing that she’s asleep, he sneaked in her cunt and gently entered her inside.

He pumped it and he loved it. Meanwhile she’s getting wet, and probably wondered why it happened. She felt tremendous pounding, and when she woke up, she got surprised at what she saw. This dude was fucking her off, and lucky this guy was, she loved the pounding and let him continue the fun.

Blond coed drilled by stalker

October 18th, 2009

What a pretty blond this teen is, and she’s all alone at home that night. She was at her room, doing her homework on her laptop, and while she did it, she’s playing her twat with her sex toy. Her stalker saw what she’s doing and it made him stalk her for more. She slept after getting a nice play, and soon after, the guy went inside her room and started to check her out.

He then slowly undressed her and licked on her tits. Not contented enough, he drilled her with his hard penis, drilling inside her tight vagina, and pumping it so hard. When she woke up, everything was on a mess, wondering who hit her.

Adana drilled in her tight pussy

October 15th, 2009

Adana is reviewing her lessons when she fell asleep on her bed. She probably got tired that she suddenly got asleep. Now is the chance for this horny college guy friend of hers, who was with her studying. Seeing her at her bed, he checked her first, before sneaking her pink and nailing her. He screwed her quick, as she might woke up and might ruin the fun.

He pumped her cunt as gently as first and as soon as he got turned on, he nailed her cunt fast, and hard. She didn’t woke up, so this dude was on his way to jizz. He blasted her and quickly left as she might woke up then and he might get screwed up.

Pretty amateur drilled while she is in bed

October 13th, 2009

Having a wild party made Lindsy fell asleep and it only gave this dude a chance to fuck her off, finally. Lindsy was drunk and she couldn’t get up already that she went to her room and took a rest. Her pervert friend then came inside and checked if she was already asleep. Noticing it, he stripped her off getting half naked and licked her boobs.

He then fingerfucked her gently and then slid his hard penis inside her cunt. She didn’t react so he continued the drilling. He pumped her hard, and when she got up, she was all surprised at what she saw. This dude was fucking and fucking her, and so she let him finish the job since she’s craving for a hot dick fuck too.

Dana drilled by black dude

October 11th, 2009

What made Dana so fucking special is her hot body aside from her pretty face. That’s why this black guy just couldn’t resist her. She gets asleep after a few drinks at her friend’s apartment. They’re having a wild party and it was definitely one hot night. This black dude, seeing her getting drunk and passed out sleeping at bed, sneaked in and drilled her cunt with his huge cock.

He pounded her while she sleeps and when she got up, the guy is still fucking him off, so she just let him do his pumping. Anyway, she loved the railing she’s getting from his huge penis, and she even went on different positions. He blasted his load inside, giving her nasty creampie.

Ally drilled by a pervert

October 8th, 2009

Having a wild night at the party, this hot teen fell asleep at the couch. Well that’s too much drink I guess, and everything is a mess at that apartment. His friends went wild as well, making the night so damn crazy. After the night out house party, she was left there, and it made this naughty guy go on her pussy like a predator hunting it’s prey. He sneaked in and undress her a bit, licking her tits and running her fingers across her cunt.

He then slid it inside and gently nailed her. As he got turned on, the pumping began to get harder and it made her woke up. But heck, the fucking continued ‘coz she requested it so. Now this girl is absolutely wild.

Dani Jensen drilled

October 6th, 2009

Fucking has never been this good. The guy hit it big time here, and he’s damn lucky nailing on that teen. She’s a friend of his sister, and she fell asleep at his sister’s room. She’s so hot and pretty that when he found out that she’s sleeping, he went inside the room and checked her out. So sexy, he stripped her off, and mashed her tits.

He licked it and when she didn’t woke up or show no reactions at all, he then thought of something naughty that he was able to pulled it off. Drilled her in her pussy while sleeping. Lover, it’s so tight that he penetrated her slowly. He had his best time there, and by the time her sister came in, he was already finish and had left the room.

Kelly got drilled at the sofa

October 4th, 2009

Kelly was hanging out at her friend’s apartment and she was watching a dvd movie at the couch when she fell asleep. Could be so tired or something. And her friend’s brother just came home, and noticed this hot amateur at the couch. Seeing her sexy figure, he then checked out if she would woke up. He then checked on her hot body, her breasts and plump butt in particular and he began to sneak in on her. He took his dick out and placed it on her mouth.

When she didn’t woke up, he now screws her cunt, taking off her underwear and he nailed her. He’s so slick that he was able to nail her on a sleep. After pumping her so hard, she finally woke up but instead of getting angry at him, she let him fuck some more and harder. This dude is quite lucky and what an awesome day it was for him.

Amateur drilled while sleeping

October 1st, 2009

Yssa is on for a surprise. And it’s gonna be wild and hot. She was too busy from school and right from her house, she and her boyfriend were having some fun time. Unfortunately she fell asleep. But it won’t stop this dude from nailing her. He sneaked on her like a predator, and began to lick her. He then drilled her slowly in her pussy as to not to wake her up.

But eventually she did, and she got surprised, but she loved it and continued to fuck his dick. It’s one hot sex trip and as he unloaded his sperm, she took it towards her face. What a hot hardcore fucking it was.

Summer Bailey drilled

September 29th, 2009

College cutey Summer Bailey is all out studying her lessons well. She’s preparing for their exams and at her room, she fell asleep. Her tutor, who is at their home, meanwhile waiting for too long that’s why he went inside her room. Seeing her asleep, he checked her out, and upon knowing that she’s totally asleep, he takes his penis and slowly undresses her then fucks her shaved pussy.

It’s tight and warm, and he drill her off. She woke up with his massive pounding, but let him continue the drilling. She don’t want to get unsatisfied so the excitement continues. He nailed her harder this time until they’ve reached their maximum sexual orgasms.